Our Marketing Plans are Customizable

InterClave Designs Marketing is a proprietary, effective marketing solution that we customize for every business or individual. We are confident  we can come up with a competent, results-producing marketing campaign for you and your business. We firmly believe that every single company has different marketing needs and there is no one size fits all approach to an effective marketing plan.

We have a wide range of marketing plans presented below. These serve as a baseline, but after you select your desired growth or awareness level, we customize each plan to your specific company to maximize efficacy. If you’re not sure what marketing can do for your business but are interested, fill out the short analysis request below, and we will get in contact with you about Marketing You.

Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing is a lot more than simply posting online. Each social media platform has pros and cons related to its use and not every social media type is appropriate for each business. We customize our social media marketing plans for our customers, taking into consideration their Business Type, Target Audience, Marketing Budget, and Goals.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

  • Building Customer relationship
  • Cost-Effective medium for brand trust
  • Brand Visibility & Promotion
  • New Customer Acquisition

Promotional Videos Design

Promo Videos is no better explanation than to define a promo video as the one created to promote a company or its product. This type of videos is made that way so it could encourage people to buy a certain product or use the services of a company. They are usually small catchy videos showing all facets of a promoted object in the best way to prove people it’s worth of their time and money. 

Since promotional videos are popular and widely-used, we at InterClave Designs create private or businesses promo videos in different styles which stand out among thousands of the others because they are unique and catchy.

We Specialize in:

  • Intros & Animated Logos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Live Action Explainers
  • Short Video Ads

Search Engine Optimization

Now-a-days everyone wants to be on the top in the search engine pages, but everyone doesn’t deserve to be there. Your website, brand and business have to earn that right.

Today Google’s algorithm trust on over 200 signals that make possible to guess what you are looking for, which includes the things like terms, uniqueness of content and PageRank of website.

SEO is the affordable method of making online business visible to visitors searching through search engines. 

There are millions of websites are on the World Wide Web, and by the time you finish reading this, the number would have increased exponentially.

As SEO Company we understand this challenge and offering you solutions that help you to be visible where your classified audience is. A higher search engine ranking will help drive more traffic from the popular search engines i.e. Google Yahoo and Bing etc, and this would help to make more money from your Online Venture.